Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Using the Magic Plus mode
Extended functions
Using the Motion Photo mode
In Motion Photo mode, you can capture and combine a series of photos, and then 
select an area to be animated to create a GIF animation.
Rotate the mode dial to g.
•  To select another mode when the mode dial is set to g, press [b] or touch 
, and then select a mode.
Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press [Shutter] to 
Press [Shutter] to capture the photo.
•  The camera captures multiple photos while the status lamp is blinking.
On the screen, draw an area to be animated.
•  You can select multiple areas.
•  To adjust the thickness of the brush, touch  .
•  To adjust the motion speed, touch +/- icon.
•  To recapture a photo, touch 
•  To draw the animated area again, touch  .
Touch   to save the photo.
The resolution is set to 
Use a tripod to prevent your camera from shaking.
It may take longer to save files.