Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Rotate the mode dial to p, G, s, i, g or T.
•  This feature may not be supported in some modes.
Set desired options.
•  For a list of options, refer to "Shooting options". (p. 62)
 (Video recording) to start recording.
 (Video recording) again to stop recording.
Pause recording
The camera allows you to temporarily pause a video while recording. With this 
function, you can record separate scenes as a single video.
•  Press [o] to pause while recording.
•  Press [o] to resume.
Recording a video
Record Full HD videos (1920 X 1080) of up to 20 minutes. The camera saves recorded videos as MP4 (H.264) files.
H.264 (MPEG-4 part10/AVC) is a high-compression video format established by the international standards organizations ISO-IEC and ITU-T.
If you use memory cards with slow write speeds, the camera may not save videos properly. Video recordings may be corrupted or fail to play back correctly.
Memory cards with slow writing speeds will not support high-resolution videos. To record high-resolution videos, use memory cards with faster write speeds.
If you activate the Image Stabilization function while recording a video, the camera may record the operating sound of the Image Stabilization function.
If you use the zoom function when recording a video, the camera may record the noise of the zoom operating. To decrease zoom noise, use the Sound Alive function. (p. 85)