Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Recording a video
Extended functions
Capturing still images while recording a video
You can capture still images while recording a video without switching to the photo 
shooting modes (up to 6 photos).
Images captured while recording a video
•  Press [Shutter] to capture images while recording a video. 
•  Captured images will be saved automatically.
Captured images will be automatically resized, depending on the size of the 
recorded video. 
You cannot capture still images when you pause the video recording. 
The quality of images captured while recording a video may be lower than those 
captured normally.
This feature may not be supported in some modes. 
Recording a video with the Smart Scene Detection function
In Smart Auto mode, your camera automatically chooses the appropriate camera 
settings based on the scene it has detected.
Rotate the mode dial to T.
Set the desired options.
•  For a list of options, refer to "Shooting options". (p. 62)
Align your subject in the frame.
•  The camera automatically selects a scene. An appropriate scene icon will 
appear at the top left of the screen.