Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Shooting in the dark
Shooting options
Setting a flash option
Use the flash when you capture photos in the dark or when you need more light in 
your photos.
Press the flash pop-up button to open the flash.
In Shooting mode, press [F].
    T p A h M s g
Select an option.
•  The flash will not fire.
•  The camera will display the shake warning   when you are 
shooting in low light.
Auto: The camera will select a proper flash setting for the scene it 
detects in Smart Auto mode.
Auto: The flash will fire automatically when the subject or 
background is dark.
•  The flash will fire twice when the subject or background is dark to 
reduce the red-eye effect.
•  There is an interval between the 2 bursts of the flash. Do not move 
until the flash fires a second time.
Fill in:
•  The flash always fires.
•  The camera automatically adjusts light intensity.