Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Detecting faces
Your camera automatically detects up to 10 human faces in one scene.
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select Face Detection “ Normal.
The face nearest the camera or nearest 
the center of the scene appears in a 
white focus frame and the rest of the 
faces appear in gray focus frames.
The closer you are to the subjects, the quicker your camera will detect faces.
Capturing a self portrait shot
Capture photos of yourself. The camera sets the focus distance to close-up, and then 
emits a beep when ready.
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select Face Detection “ Self-Portrait.
Compose your shot with the lens facing you.
When you hear a quick beep, press [Shutter].
When faces are located in the center, 
the camera beeps rapidly.
If you turn Volume off in the sound settings, the camera will not emit a beep.  
(p. 132)
Using Face Detection
If you use Face Detection options, your camera can automatically detect a human face. When you focus on a human face, the camera adjusts the exposure automatically. Use 
Blink Detection to detect closed eyes or Smile Shot to capture a smiling face.
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