Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Adjusting brightness and color
Shooting options
Compensating for backlighting (ACB)
When the light source is behind your subject or there is high contrast between your 
subject and the background, your subject is likely to appear dark in the photo. In 
this case, set the Auto Contrast Balance (ACB) option.
S Without ACB
S With ACB
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select ACB
Select an option.
Off: ACB (Auto Contrast Balance) is deactivated.
On: ACB (Auto Contrast Balance) is activated.
The ACB feature is always on in Smart Auto mode.
    p A h M
Changing the metering option
The metering mode refers to the way in which a camera measures the quantity 
of light. The brightness and lighting of your photos will vary depending on the 
metering mode you select.
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select Metering.
Select an option.
•  Your camera divides the frame into several areas, and then 
measures the light intensity of each area.
•  Suitable for general photos.
•  Your camera measures only the light intensity at the very center of 
the frame.
•  If a subject is not in the center of the frame, your photo may be 
improperly exposed.
•  Suitable for a subject with backlighting.
•  Your camera averages the meter reading of the entire frame with 
emphasis placed on the center.
•  Suitable for photos with subjects in the center of the frame.
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