Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Adjusting brightness and color
Shooting options
Selecting a White Balance setting
The color of your photo depends on the type and quality of the light source. If you 
want the color of your photo to be realistic, select a White Balance setting that 
is appropriate for the lighting conditions, such as Auto WB, Daylight, Cloudy, or 
  Auto WB
    p A h M
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select White Balance.
Select an option.
Auto WB: Automatically set the White Balance based on the lighting 
Daylight: For outdoor photos on a sunny day.
Cloudy: For outdoor photos on a cloudy day or in shadows.
Fluorescent_H: For shooting under a daylight fluorescent or 3-way 
fluorescent light.
Fluorescent_L: For shooting under white fluorescent light.
Tungsten: For shooting indoor photos under incandescent bulbs or 
halogen lamps.
Color Temp.: To adjust the color temperature of the light source.  
(p. 80)
Custom Set: To use White Balance settings that you define. (p. 81)