Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Using burst modes
Shooting options
Using the timer
In Shooting mode, press [t].
Select an option.
2 Sec: Capture a photo after a 2-second delay.
10 Sec: Capture a photo after a 10-second delay.
Press [Shutter] to cancel the timer. 
In some modes, you can also set the shooting option by pressing [m], and 
then selecting Drive/Timer or Timer.
Capturing bracketed photos
You can use the automatic exposure bracketing feature to capture multiple photos 
of the same subject with different exposure values.
In Shooting mode, press [t].
Select AE Bracket.
When you press [Shutter], the camera captures 3 consecutive photos, each with 
a different exposure: normal, underexposed, and overexposed.
Press [m], and then select AE Bracket Set to select exposure values.
It may take longer to capture the photo. Use a tripod for best results.