Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode
Video file information
File Information
Current file/Total files
Folder name-File name
Video file
Protected file
Play videos
To display file information on the screen, press [D].
Viewing files as a folder
Photos captured continuously appear as a folder.
In Playback mode, press [F/t] or drag the image left or right to 
move to a desired folder.
•  The camera will automatically play back photos in the folder.
    Single View
Press [o] or rotate [Zoom] to the right to open the folder.
•  You can also touch 
 Single View on the screen to open the folder.
Press [F/t] or drag the image left or right to move to another file.
Press [o] or rotate [Zoom] to the left to return to Playback mode.