Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode
Viewing files as thumbnails
Scan thumbnails of files.
In Playback mode, rotate [Zoom] to the left to view thumbnails 
(12 at a time). Rotate [Zoom] to the left once more to display more 
thumbnails (24 at a time). Rotate [Zoom] to the right to return to 
the previous view.
Touch a file to display it in full screen 
Press [D/c/F/t] or drag the screen up or down to move to the previous or 
next page of thumbnails.
Protecting a file
Protect a file from accidental deletion.
In Playback mode, select a file to protect.
Press [m], and then select Protect “ On.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 to protect additional files.
You cannot delete or rotate a protected file.
Deleting files
Select files to delete in Playback mode.
Deleting a single file
You can select one file, and then delete it.
In Playback mode, select a file, and then press [ ].
When the pop-up message appears, select Yes.
You can also delete files in Playback mode by pressing [m], and then selecting 
Delete “ Delete “ Yes.