Canon VB-H41 User Manual (en)

„ File Name Format for Data Downloaded with Recorded Video Utility
Example:Video, manually recorded on Sept. 10, 2012, starting from 16:06:19 (Camera Time Zone: GMT+09:00).
(1) Video recording date
(2) File creation time (UTC)
(3) Recording start time (UTC)
(4) Recording type
E: Event
M: Manual recording
R: Recording-mode stream
T: Timer
U: Upload
• The file creation time will be earlier than the actual start of recording time.
• If multiple video files were created because recording continued for several seconds or more, a new file name with different values for 
(2) and the sequential number ending will be used. In the above example, if recording starts at 16:09:19, and the next file is switched to 
4 seconds later, the file name will be as follows.
Since this is a continuation of the recording that started at 16:09:19, the recording start time (3) will remain as “070619”. The sequential 
number at the end of the file name will be increased by one increment.
20120910 070618-070619- M 00 _