Canon VB-H41 User Manual (en)

Installed Software
„ VB-H41/610/710 Viewer 
There are two types of Viewer: the VB Viewer, which can 
be used by Guest Users, and the Admin Viewer for 
The VB Viewer allows users to configure basic camera 
controls and display images. 
The Admin Viewer lets you monitor all camera controls 
and events.
Only JPEG images are displayed. To display H.264 video, 
„ Admin Tools 
The following tools for configuring camera settings and 
performing management functions are available:
• Privacy Mask Setting Tool
Panorama Creation Tool
View Restriction Setting Tool
• Preset Setting Tool
• Intelligent Function Setting Tool
• Log Viewer
• Recorded Video Utility
Included Software
The included Setup CD-ROM contains the following 
software. Install the software on a PC to use it. 
„ VB Initial Setting Tool
This tool performs initial settings for the camera. 
„ Admin Tools Certificate
This electronic certificate is required to use the Admin 
Viewer and Admin Tools.
„ Camera Angle Setting Tool
With this tool, you can operate the camera during 
installation while you view video over the network on a PC.
„ .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
This execution environment is required to use the software 
included in the camera.
„ RM-Lite
This software displays and records images from up to four 
cameras in real time. 
„ Proxy Authentication Admin Viewer/Admin 
This software lets you use Admin Viewer/Admin Tools via 
a proxy server with proxy authentication. It is saved in the 
ProxyAuthSupport folder on the Setup CD-ROM.
Network Video Recording Software (Sold 
„ RM-64/RM-25/RM-9
This software allows network cameras to be used for 
multipoint surveillance, and for recording and playing 
back videos from the camera. The number of cameras 
that can be registered with RM-64/RM-25/RM-9 varies: 64, 
25, or 9 cameras can be registered.
„ RM-V
This additional license lets you install RM-64/RM-25/RM-9 
Viewer on multiple PCs. Purchase the license to be able to 
view images captured by the camera from multiple sites 
and for other similar purposes.
„ RM-Lite-V
This additional license lets you install the RM-Lite Viewer 
on multiple PCs. Purchase the license to be able to view 
images captured by the camera from multiple sites and 
for other similar purposes.
Camera Software