Canon VB-H41 User Manual (en)

Notes on Use When the [Windows 
Firewall] Function is Enabled
When the VB Initial Setting Tool is started, the [Windows 
Security Alert] dialog box may appear. 
If the [Windows Security Alert] dialog box appears, click 
Once this button is clicked, the warning dialog box will no 
longer appear.
If the [Windows Security Alert] dialog box does not appear, 
the Windows firewall warning function may be disabled. 
Follow the procedure below to add the [VB Initial Setting 
Tool] as a Windows Firewall exception. 
Notes on Use with Internet Explorer 9 or 
Greater and Windows Server 2003/
Windows Server 2008
„ Registering the Top Page of the Camera as a 
Trusted Site
In Internet Explorer 9 or greater, Windows Server 2003 and 
Windows Server 2008, the security level for Internet sites and 
intranet sites on Internet Explorer is set to [High] by default. 
Thus, when accessing the VB-H41/610/710 Viewer,  the 
camera's Setting Page or the Admin Tools, a content block 
dialog box appears and the page fails to display correctly. 
To correct this problem, follow the procedure below to 
register the top page as a trusted site. 
The following dialog box appears. 
The [Trusted sites] dialog box appears. 
Notes on Operating Environment
Click [Windows Firewall] in [Control Panel] > [System 
and Security].
Click [Allow a program or feature through Windows 
Firewall] > [Change settings] > [Allow another 
Select [VB Initial Setting Tool], and then click [Add]. 
Access the VB-H41/610/710 Viewer and the Setting Page 
from the top page of the camera with Internet Explorer.
Click [Add].