Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

Preset map-shot: Eight thumbnail images of the preset position 1-8 (
orderly on a newly displayed window. When a thumbnail image is clicked, the camera moves to the
respective position and live images will be displayed on the “Live” page.
Do not operate the browser until all the thumbnail images are displayed and the camera returns to
the original position (where the camera was when “360 map-shot” or “Preset map-shot” was carried
When “Preset map-shot” is carried out with an unregistered preset position (among preset position
1-8), the thumbnail image of the preset position before the unregistered preset position will be
In this case, the camera will not move when the thumbnail image is clicked.
The camera will not always return to the exactly same position where it was before “Preset
map-shot” was carried out. (It may sometimes be slightly different.)
The window on which the thumbnail images are displayed will close when clicking the following
buttons that can switch the camera channel or reload images: [Live], [Multi-screen], [H.264],
[JPEG], [Stream], [Image capture size], [Image quality], [Setup].
To display the thumbnail images again, carry out “Preset map-shot” again.
Control pad/buttons
Left-click on the control pad to adjust the horizontal/vertical position of the camera
(panning/tilting). Panning/tilting speed will be faster if a clicked point gets farther from the center point
of the control pad.
It is also possible to pan/tilt the camera by dragging the mouse.
Zoom can be adjusted by right-clicking. When an upper/lower area of the control pad is right-clicked,
the displayed image will be zoomed in/out on.
Zoom can also be adjusted using the mouse wheel.
Available range: 0 - 127
 button: The displayed image will be darker.
 button: The adjusted brightness will return to the default brightness (64).
 button: Image will be brighter.
Select a preset position from the pull-down menu and click the [Go] button. The camera will move to the
selected preset position (
When “Home position” is selected, the camera will move to the home position. (
®page 55) When “Preset
ID” is registered for a preset position, the registered preset ID will be displayed next to the preset position
Camera title
The camera title entered for “Camera title” on the [Basic] page will be displayed. (
This button will be displayed and will blink when an alarm has occurred. When this button is clicked, the
alarm output terminal will be reset and this button will disappear. (
Full screen button
Images will be displayed on a full screen. To return to the “Live” page, press the [Esc] key. The aspect ratio
of displayed images will be adjusted in accordance with the monitor.
Operating Instructions
1 Monitor images on a PC