Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

Available number of characters: 0 - 32 characters
Default: None (blank)
Enter the name of the location where the camera is installed.
Available number of characters: 0 - 32 characters
Default: None (blank)
Enter the E-mail address or the phone number of the SNMP manager.
Available number of characters: 0 - 255 characters
Default: None (blank)
15.6  Configure the settings relating to the FTP
periodic image transmission [FTP img. trans.]
Click the [FTP img. trans.] tab on the “Network” page. (
The settings relating to the periodic transmission of images to an FTP server can be configured on this page.
To transmit images to an FTP server periodically, it is necessary to configure the settings of the FTP server in
advance (
®page 100). Refer to page 137 for descriptions of how to configure schedules of image
Depending on the network line speed or the network traffic, images may not be transmitted at the exact
designated interval or period.
When “On” is selected for both of the alarm image transmission function and the FTP periodic image
transmission function, the alarm image transmission function will be given priority over the FTP periodic
image transmission function. For this reason, images may not be transmitted at the exact designated
interval or period if alarms occur frequently.
FTP periodic image transmission
[FTP >>]
When “FTP >>” is clicked, the [FTP] tab of the “Server” page will be displayed. (
Operating Instructions
15 Configuring the network settings [Network]