Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

When operated by a lower access level user, images displayed on the screen may be changed
temporarily. This does not affect operation of the camera.
When the mouse is dragged to move the camera beyond its operable range, the camera will move to
the requested direction and will stop at the end of the operable range. Then, the zoom ratio of the
displayed image will automatically be adjusted.
Depending on the PC in use, screen tearing* may occur when the shooting scene drastically changes
due to the GDI restrictions of the OS.
*A phenomenon in which portions of the screen are displayed out of alignment.
Only operable by users whose access level is “1. Administrator”.
Only operable by users whose access level is “1. Administrator” or “2. Camera control” when “On” is selected for “User auth.”
Operable by users who belong to the access level selected for “Permission level of audio trans./recep.” on the [Audio] tab of the
“Image/Audio” page. Refer to page 72 for further information about the “Permission level of audio trans./recep.”.
Operating Instructions
1 Monitor images on a PC