Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

The wireless settings can be manually configured to the camera in this section, and the camera can be
connected to the wireless network.
Check the wireless router's setting information.
Check the SSID and wireless security settings configured to your wireless router, and whether MAC
address filtering is activated or deactivated.
If MAC address filtering is activated, register the camera’s MAC address to the wireless router. You
can check the camera’s MAC address from the sticker attached to the camera or from the MAC address
displayed in “Mac address of the wireless module” (
Set each item of [Wireless: Basic settings].
Enter the SSID (network identification name). The SSID must be entered. (SSID is also called ESSID.)
Available number of characters: 1 - 32 characters
Available characters: Alphanumeric characters and spaces.
Entries are case sensitive.
Default: wifi
[Communication mode]
Select the same communications mode that is used by the wireless router that the camera will to be
connected to.
802.11b/g: Wireless routers that support either 802.11b or 802.11g can be connected to.
802.11n/b/g [ShortGI disabled]: Wireless routers that support 802.11n, 802.11b, or 802.11g can be
connected to.
802.11n/b/g [ShortGI enabled]: Wireless routers that support 802.11n, 802.11b, or 802.11g can be
connected to.
When 802.11n/b/g [ShortGI enabled] is selected, if 802.11n transmission is used, the transmission
packet intervals become shorter and the transmission speed increases. However, because the camera
becomes susceptible to interference (echoes, reflections, etc.) arriving with propagation delay, the
camera and wireless router should be used at short distances from each other.
Operating Instructions
16 Use the camera on a wireless LAN [Wireless] (BL-VT164W/BL-VP104W)