Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

If the wireless settings failed to be automatically set with WPS, check the wireless settings for the wireless
router and camera in the following manner.
Checking wireless settings for the wireless router
If the wireless setting of the wireless router is set to a setting not supported by the camera, change the
wireless setting of the wireless router.
Confirm that the WPS function is activated. It is recommended that you deactivate the wireless router's
WPS function when not performing WPS settings.
If the ESS-ID stealth function (hidden SSID) is activated, temporarily deactivate it.
If MAC address filtering is activated, temporarily deactivate it.
Checking wireless settings for the camera
Confirm that “Enable” (default setting) is set for “External registration”.
It is recommended to select the “WPA2-PSK (AES)” or “WPA-PSK (AES)” enhanced encryption
methods for the wireless router's encryption settings.
16.3  Using the camera's Wireless QoS [Basic]
Click the [Basic] tab on the “Wireless” page. (
Configure the wireless QoS (Quality of Service) in this section.
[Wireless QoS]
Wireless QoS is only available when using H.264 RTP transmission. When the wireless frequency band is
temporarily reduced because of external interference, images may not be displayed. When this happens,
Wireless QoS helps to reduce transmission delays and dropped frames by converting images into data that
can be displayed and then transmitting the data.
Default: Use
JPEG/audio transmissions and transmissions using HTTP are not applicable to Wireless QoS.
Wireless QoS is not effective against strong interference that can shut down wireless transmission.
To use H.264 RTP transmission, select “Off” for “Internet mode (over HTTP)” in “H.264(1)” or “H.
264(2)” on page 49. Use H.264 RTP transmission when H.264 transmission is used on the local LAN.
16.4  Confirming the camera's wireless information
Click the [Status] tab on the “Wireless” page. (
Information related to the camera's wireless connection is displayed in this section.
Operating Instructions
16 Use the camera on a wireless LAN [Wireless] (BL-VT164W/BL-VP104W)