Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

22   Troubleshooting
Before asking for repairs, check the symptoms with the following table.
Contact your dealer if a problem cannot be solved even after checking and trying the solution in the table or a
problem is not described below.
Reference pages
Cannot access from the web
Is the LAN cable (category 5) firmly connected to the
network connector of the camera?
Installation Guide
Is the power of the camera on?
Check if the power of the camera is turned on.
Installation Guide
Are the set IP addresses valid?
Are you accessing the wrong IP address?
Check the connection as follows.
With the Windows command prompt, > ping “IP
address of the camera”.
If there is reply from the camera, the connection is
If not, proceed either of the following.
Reboot the camera and change the IP address
by using the Panasonic “IP Setting Software”
within 20 minutes after the restart.
Reboot the camera while holding down the
INITIAL SET button on the camera. The camera
will be initialized and the IP address will return
to the default setting “”.
After the camera is initialized, access the
camera and set the IP address again. (When the
camera is initialized, all the settings of the
camera previously configured on the setup
menus will be initialized.)
Installation Guide
Is “554” selected for the HTTP port number?
For the HTTP port number, select a port number
other than the following port numbers used by the
camera. The number used by the camera: 20, 21,
23, 25, 42, 53, 67, 68, 69, 110, 123, 161, 162, 443,
554, 995, 10669, 10670, 59000 - 61000
Operating Instructions
22 Troubleshooting