Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

[Advanced func.] button
Displays the “Advanced func.” page. The setting relating to the XML notification, destinations of information
about the face detection and the settings relating to the face detection can be configured on the “Advanced
func.” page. (
[User mng.] button
Displays the “User mng.” page. The settings relating to the authentication such as users and PCs
restrictions for accessing the camera can be configured on the “User mng.” page. (
[Server] button
Displays the “Server” page. The settings relating to the E-mail server, the FTP server and the NTP server
to which the camera accesses can be configured on the “Server” page. (
[Network] button
Displays the “Network” page. The network settings and the settings relating to DDNS (Dynamic DNS),
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) periodic transmission
can be configured on the “Network” page. (
[Schedule] button
Displays the “Schedule” page. On the “Schedule” page, it is possible to designate time zones to allow to
receive alarm input or to allow to activate the VMD detection function. (
[Maintenance] button
Displays the “Maintenance” page. System log check, firmware upgrade, status check and initialization of
the setup menu can be carried out on the “Maintenance” page. (
[Privacy] button 
Press [Privacy] button to hide the camera images from view temporarily and protect your privacy.
Camera title
The title of the camera whose settings are currently being configured will be displayed.
Setup page
Pages of each setup menu will be displayed. There are tabs for some setup menus.
Operating Instructions
6 Display the setup menu from a PC