Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

Depending on the conditions such as the ambient temperature and operating period, the configured
time & date may not be accurate.
Use an NTP server when the more accurate time & date setting is required for the system operation.
[Time display format]
Select the time display format from “24h”, “12h” and “Off”. Enter the current hour reflecting this setting when
entering the current time and date for “Date/time”. To hide time and date, select “Off”.
Default: 24h
[Date/time display format]
Select a date/time display format. When “2010/04/01 13:10:00” is set for “Date/time” after selecting “24h” for
“Date/time display format”, time & date will be respectively displayed as follows.
DD/MM/YYYY: 01/04/2010 13:10:00
MM/DD/YYYY: 04/01/2010 13:10:00
DD/Mmm/YYYY: 01/Apr/2010 13:10:00
YYYY/MM/DD: 2010/04/01 13:10:00
Mmm/DD/YYYY: Apr/01/2010 13:10:00
DD/MM/YYYY (E/U model)
Mmm/DD/YYYY (P model)
[Summer time (daylight saving)]
Select “In”, “Out” or “Auto” to determine whether or not to apply daylight saving time. Configure this setting if
the summer time (daylight saving time) is applied in the location where the camera is in use.
In: Applies summer time. An asterisk (*) will be displayed on the left side of the displayed time and date.
Out: Does not apply summer time.
Auto: Applies summer time in accordance with the settings for “Start time & date” and “End time & date”
(month, week, day of the week, time).
Default: Out
[NTP/Time zone]
When “NTP >>” is clicked, the [NTP] tab of the “Server” page will be displayed. (
[Start time & date] [End time & date]
When “Auto” is selected for “Summer time (daylight saving)”, select the time & date for the start time and the
date time (month, week, day of the week, time).
[Camera title on screen]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to display the camera title on the screen. When “On” is selected,
the character string entered for “Camera title on screen (0-9, A-Z)” will be displayed at the position selected
for “OSD”.
Default: Off
When moving the camera to a preset position, the characters configured for “Camera title on screen”
will be deleted, and the preset ID will be displayed instead.
[Camera title on screen (0-9, A-Z)]
Enter a character string to be displayed on the image.
Available number of characters: 0 - 20 characters
Operating Instructions
7 Configure the basic settings of the camera [Basic]