Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

[Transmission priority]
Select a transmission priority for H.264 images from the following.
Constant bit rate: H.264 images will be transmitted with the bit rate selected for “Max bit rate (per
Frame rate: H.264 images will be transmitted with the frame rate selected for “Frame rate*”.
Best effort: In accordance with the network bandwidth, H.264 images will be transmitted with the bit rate
varying between the maximum and minimum bit rates that are set for “Max bit rate (per client)*”.
Default: Best effort
When “Frame rate” is selected for “Transmission priority”, number of users who can access the camera
may be limited more (may become less than 10).
[Frame rate*]
Select a frame rate for H.264 images from the following.
1fps/ 3fps/ 5fps*/ 7.5fps*/ 10fps*/ 12fps*/ 15fps*/ 20fps*/ 30fps*
Default: 30fps*
When “Frame rate” is selected for “Transmission priority”, this setting is available.
“Frame rate*” is limited by “Max bit rate”. For this reason, the frame rate may be lower than the specified
value when any value marked with an asterisk (*) is selected.
[Max bit rate (per client)*]
Select a H.264 bit rate per a client from the following. When “Best effort” is selected for “Transmission
priority”, set the maximum and minimum bit rates. When “Constant bit rate” or “Frame rate” is selected in
“Transmission priority”, only the maximum bit rate can be set.
64kbps/ 128kbps*/ 256kbps*/ 384kbps*/ 512kbps*/ 768kbps*/ 1024kbps*/ 1536kbps*/ 2048kbps*/ 3072kbps*/
4096kbps*/ 8192kbps* 
Default: Max 1024kbps* - Min 128kbps*
As in the following, the range of bit rates that can be configured for the H.264 bit rates differs depending on
the “Image capture size”.
1280x720: 8192kbps
 - 256kbps
VGA, QVGA, 640x360, 320x180: 4096kbps - 64kbps
“Unlimited*” is available only when “Frame rate” is selected for “Transmission priority”.
When “8192kbps *” or “Unlimited*” is selected, the number of users who can access H.264 images will
be limited to “1”. (Only a single user can access H.264 images.)
The H.264 bit rate is limited by “Bandwidth control(bit rate)” on the [Network] tab of “Network” page
®page 104). For this reason, the bit rate may be lower than the value when any value with an asterisk
(*) on the right is selected.
It is impossible to select “Unlimited*” for both “H.264(1)” and “H.264(2)”.
[Image quality]
Select the image quality of H.264 images from the following.
Low(Motion priority)/ Normal/ Fine(Image quality priority)
Default: Normal
When “Constant bit rate” or “Best effort” is selected for “Transmission priority”, this setting is available.
Operating Instructions
9 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio] (BL-VT164W/BL-VT164)/ Configure the settings
relating to images [Image] (BL-VP104W/BL-VP104/BL-VP101)