Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

On: A still image will be held on the screen until the camera has moved to the preset position.
Off: Images from the camera will be displayed even when the camera is moving to the preset position.
Default: Off
[Extra zoom]
Select the extra zoom setting from the following.
On (Max X1.5): Images can be zoomed in on with the extra zoom (1x - 1.5x).
Off: Does not use the extra zoom.
Default: On (Max X1.5)
About extra zoom
Among approx. 1.0 megapixel image capture area of the CMOS image sensor, the central part of approx. 0.31
megapixels is extracted for shooting. That enables the shooting with a higher zooming effect. When the image
capture size at “VGA” is applied, the zoom factor can be adjusted up to 1.5x.
[Digital zoom]
Select the digital zoom setting from the following.
On (Max X12): Images can be zoomed in on with the extra zoom (1x - 1.5x) and the electronic zoom (higher
zoom factors, up to 12x).
Off: Does not use the digital zoom.
Default: Off
When the zoom factor is 1.5x or more, the setting of the preset positions will become unavailable.
[Pan-Tilt degree/Zoom ratio display]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to display the current panning/tilting degree and the zoom ratio
display on images when the camera is being operated manually.
On: Displays the current panning/tilting degree and the zoom ratio display.
Off: Does not display the current panning/tilting degree and the zoom ratio display.
Default: On
When “On” is selected, the panning/tilting degree and the zoom factor will be displayed at the position
selected for “OSD” on the “Basic” page. (
[Privacy button]
Select the privacy button setting from the following.
Enable: Activates the privacy button function.
Disable: Deactivates the privacy button function.
Default: Enable
Operating Instructions
9 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio] (BL-VT164W/BL-VT164)/ Configure the settings
relating to images [Image] (BL-VP104W/BL-VP104/BL-VP101)