Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

Set the privacy zone larger than the size of an object to be hidden.
Panning, tilting and zooming operations can also be carried out on the [Image/Position] tab.
When selecting “Zone No” after selecting “Gray” for “Display type”, a mask will be displayed at the
center of the image display area and will start blinking while changing its color as follows: Dark gray
® Clear ® Light gray
When the other mask that had already been set is on the same zone, the mask that had previously
been set will blink as follows: Dark gray 
® Light gray
[Zoom] buttons, [Brightness] buttons, Control pad/buttons and [Go] button
[Close] button
Click this button to close the “Privacy zone” setup menu.
9.5.6  Configure the settings relating to the privacy zone (“Privacy
zone” setup menu) (BL-VP104W/BL-VP104/BL-VP101)
Click the [Setup>>] button of “Privacy zone” on the [Image/Privacy] tab of the “Image” page. (
When there is a zone that you do not want to display, set the zone as a privacy zone not to be displayed. Up
to 2 privacy zones can be set.
The privacy zone will be set when an area is designated by dragging the mouse. Each zone can be overlapped.
Privacy zones 1 and 2 can be created and they will be numbered in the order of creation.
[Display type]
Select a display type of the privacy zone from the following.
Operating Instructions
9 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio] (BL-VT164W/BL-VT164)/ Configure the settings
relating to images [Image] (BL-VP104W/BL-VP104/BL-VP101)