Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

9.6  Configure the settings relating to audio [Audio]
Click the [Audio] tab on the “Image/Audio” page. (
The settings relating to audio can be configured on this page.
Images and audio will not be synchronized. Therefore, images and audio may not always match.
Audio may be interrupted depending on the network environment.
[Audio transmission/reception]
Select the communication mode used for audio data transmission/reception between the camera and the PC
from the following.
Off: Does not receive/transmit audio between the camera and the PC. Therefore, the settings and controls
relating to audio will be invalidated.
Mic input: The PC receives audio data from the camera. Audio can be heard with images on the PC.
Images and audio will not be synchronized.
Audio output: Audio data from the PC will be transmitted to the camera. Audio can be heard from the
speaker connected to the camera.
Interactive(Half-duplex): Both reception and transmission are available. However, audio data cannot
simultaneously be transmitted and received.
Interactive(Full-duplex): Both reception and transmission are simultaneously available.
Default: Interactive(Half-duplex)
Howling may be generated depending on usage conditions. If howling is generated, prevent sound
generated by the PC from entering the PC microphone.
When “Multicast” is selected for “Transmission type” on the [JPEG/H.264] tab of the “Image/Audio”
page, audio transmission will become unavailable while monitoring H.264 images. To transmit audio
from a PC to the camera, click the [JPEG] button on the “Live” page.
[Audio encoding format]
Select the audio encoding format from G.726 and G.711.
Default: G.726
Operating Instructions
9 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio] (BL-VT164W/BL-VT164)/ Configure the settings
relating to images [Image] (BL-VP104W/BL-VP104/BL-VP101)