Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

12.2  Configuration of the settings relating to the face
detection [Face detection]
Click the [Face detection] tab on the “Advanced func.” page.
The settings relating to displaying the frame to be used for the face detection and the settings relating to the
face detection information attached to the image can be configured.
The face detection function shall not guarantee the detection of faces in an image. The face detection
accuracy varies with imaging conditions.
Face detection
[Face detection]
Determine whether or not to enable the face detection function.
On: Information about the face detection frame will be attached and the test frame will be displayed on the
image of this page.
Off: Information about the face detection frame will not be attached. No face detection frame will be
displayed on the image of this page.
Default: Off
[XML notification]
The destination settings of the face detection information can be configured.
When clicking “XML notification >>”, the [XML notification] tab will be displayed. (
Operating Instructions
12 Configure the setting relating to the image recognition [Advanced func.]