Panasonic BLVT164P User Manual (en)

The description below is the configuration of the priority stream that can transmit images without deteriorating
the image quality and refresh interval even when multiple users access concurrently.
Priority stream
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to use the priority stream.
Default: Off
When “On” is selected for “Activation” of “Priority stream”, number of users who can access the camera
may be limited.
[Destination IP address(1)]
Enter the first destination IP address.
[Destination IP address(2)]
Enter the second destination IP address.
[Stream type]
Select either “JPEG”, “H.264(1)” or “H.264(2)”.
JPEG: JPEG images will be transmitted.
H.264(1): H.264(1) images will be transmitted.
H.264(2): H.264(2) images will be transmitted.
Default: JPEG
When “Best effort” is selected for “Transmission priority” of “H.264”, bit rate will vary between the
maximum and minimum rates while images are being transmitted.
[Refresh interval*]
Select the refresh interval from the following.
This setting is validated only when “JPEG” is selected for “Stream type”.
0.1fps/ 0.2fps/ 0.33fps/ 0.5fps/ 1fps/ 2fps/ 3fps/ 5fps/ 6fps*/ 10fps*/ 12fps*/ 15fps*/ 30fps*
Default: 1fps
When “On” is selected for “H.264 transmission”, the transmission interval may be longer than the set
value when any value with an asterisk (*) on the right is selected.
Operating Instructions
13 Configure the settings relating to the authentication [User mng.]