Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

Snap shot button
Click this button to take a picture (a still picture). The picture will be displayed on a newly opened window.
When right-clicking on the displayed image, the pop-up menu will be displayed. It is possible to save the
image on the PC by selecting “Save” from the displayed pop-up menu.
When “Print” is selected, printer output is enabled.
The following setting may be necessary when using Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Click “Internet Options” on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer, and then click the [Security] tab.
Select “Trusted Sites”, and click “Sites”. Register the camera address on the “Website” in the
“Trusted Sites” window.
Mic input button
Turns on/off the audio reception (hear audio from the camera on a PC). This button will be displayed only
when “Mic input”, “Interactive(Full-duplex)” or “Interactive(Half-duplex)” is selected for “Audio transmission/
reception” on the setup menu. (
When this button is clicked, the button will turn into the 
 button and audio from the camera will not be
Audio volume can be adjusted (Low/ Middle/ High) by moving the volume cursor 
Turns on/off the audio transmission (play audio from the PC on the unit speaker). This button will be
displayed only when “Audio output”, “Interactive(Full-duplex)” or “Interactive(Half-duplex)” is selected for
“Audio transmission/reception” on the setup menu. (
The button will blink during the audio transmission.
When this button is clicked, the button will turn into the 
 button and audio from the PC will not be heard.
Audio output volume can be adjusted (Low/Middle/High) by moving the volume cursor 
When a user is using the audio transmission function with “Interactive(Half-duplex)” selected, the
receiver button and the transmission button will be inoperable for the other users. When
“Interactive(Full-duplex)” is selected, the transmission button is inoperable for other users.
Possible duration of audio transmission is up to 5 minutes per transmission. When 5 minutes have
passed, the audio transmission will automatically stop. To turn the audio transmission function on,
click the [Audio output] button again.
When the camera is restarted, the adjusted volume level (for both the audio transmission and
reception) will return to the level that had been set on the [Audio] tab on the setup menu.
Actual volume level will change in three steps even though the volume cursor can be adjusted
Images from the camera will be displayed in this area.
The current time and date will be displayed according to the settings configured for “Time display format”
and “Date/time display format”. (
In addition, when being adjusted, the status of brightness (
zoom ratio display (
configured for “Camera title on screen” (
Click a desired point in the main area on the “Live” page that is to be the center of the angle of view. The
camera moves to adjust the position in order to set the clicked point as the center.
When selecting an area in the main area by dragging the mouse, the selected area will be located at the
center of the main area. In this case, the zoom ratio will be adjusted automatically.
Zoom can be adjusted using the mouse wheel.
Operating Instructions
1 Monitor images on a PC