Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

Global address is obtained via the URL (domain name).
By entering the URL (including the domain name) on the web browser when accessing the camera via the
Internet, the DNS server identifies the registered global address of router (or camera).
Access using the current global address
The identified global address is used for accessing the router (or camera) to monitor images.
Refer to the contracted provider whether the current IP address is static or not.
Depending on the provider, local addresses may be allocated. In this case, the DDNS service is
unavailable. Refer to the contract provider for further information.
Select the DDNS service to determine whether or not to use DDNS.
Off: Does not use the DDNS function. Uses the “” service.
Dynamic DNS Update: Uses Dynamic DNS Update (RFC2136 compliant) without the DHCP cooperation.
Dynamic DNS Update(DHCP): Uses Dynamic DNS Update (RFC2136 compliant) with the DHCP
Default: Off
When using Dynamic DNS Update (RFC2136 compliant), refer to the network administrator for whether
or not to cooperate with the DHCP.
15.4.2  When using the “” service
[Personal(Camera) URL]
The URL of the camera registered for “”.
[Your Account Link]
When the displayed URL is clicked, the registration window for the “” service will be displayed
in a newly opened window.
Register the information in the registration window to enroll in the “” service.
Operating Instructions
15 Configuring the network settings [Network]