Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

18   Maintenance of the camera [Maintenance]
System log check, firmware upgrade, status check and initialization of the setup menu can be performed on
this page.
The “Maintenance” page has 4 tabs; the [System log] tab, the [Upgrade] tab, [Status] tab and the [Default
reset] tab.
18.1  Check the system log [System log]
Click the [System log] tab of the “Maintenance” page. (
Up to 100 system logs can be saved on the built-in memory of the camera.
When the saved system logs have reached the maximum number, the newer logs will overwrite the older
system logs. In this case, the oldest log is the first to be overwritten.
The logs will be deleted when the power of the camera is turned off.
The serial number of the system log will be displayed.
[Time & date]
Time and date at the error occurrence will be displayed.
When “Off” is selected for “Time display format” on the [Basic] page (
will be displayed in 24-hour format.
The descriptions about the system log will be displayed. Refer to page 166 for further information about the
system logs.
18.2  Upgrade the firmware [Upgrade]
Click the [Upgrade] tab of the “Maintenance” page. (
Operating Instructions
18 Maintenance of the camera [Maintenance]