Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

The status of this camera can be checked on this page.
Server: The URL of the “” service server will be displayed.
Status: The registration status for the “” will be displayed.
Personal(Camera) URL: The URL of the camera registered for “” will be displayed.
Port number(HTTP), Port number(HTTPS): The port number that is set for UPnP port forwarding will be
Status: The port forwarding status will be displayed.
Router global address: The global address of router will be displayed.
[Self check]
The self check result of the hardware will be displayed.
Refer to the [Readme] file on the provided CD-ROM for further information about the contents of the
displayed statuses (relating to the “” service, the UPnP function, or the self check).
Or refer to our website ( for further information
about the supported software.
18.4  Reset the settings/Reboot the camera [Default
Click the [Default reset] tab of the “Maintenance” page. (
Operating Instructions
18 Maintenance of the camera [Maintenance]