Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

1.4  Monitor images from multiple cameras
Images from multiple cameras can be displayed on a multi-screen. Images from 4 cameras (up to 16 cameras)
can be displayed simultaneously. To display images on a multi-screen, it is necessary to register cameras in
advance. 4 cameras can be registered as a group and up to 4 groups (16 cameras) can be registered.
When displaying images on a 16-screen, panning, tilting and zooming operations become unavailable
for images from cameras with Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions.
When displaying images on a 4-screen, panning, tilting and zooming operations become available only
for images from cameras with Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions. Refer to the [Readme] file on the provided
CD-ROM for further information about the compatible cameras and their versions. Or refer to our
website (
Only JPEG images with frame by frame playback can be displayed on a multi-screen. Audio will not
be heard.
When the power is turned off or the LAN cable is disconnected while displaying images, displaying
images on a multi-screen from the “Live” page will become unavailable.
When displaying the image on a multi-screen and “16:9” is selected for “Aspect ratio”, the image will
be displayed altered vertically to the aspect ratio of “4:3”.
“Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software Lite” which supports live monitoring and recording
images from multiple cameras is available. For further information, refer to our website
Click the desired [Multi-screen] on the “Live” page.
Images from the registered cameras will be displayed on a selected multi-screen (screen can be split
up to 16 areas). The following are instructions when displaying on a 4-split screen.
To show 1 camera screen, click the [Live] button.
You can also click “1” below “Multi-screen” to display the camera's “Live” page.
Click the [Multi-screen] button to display images from cameras in a multi-screen of 4 to 16 screens.
Click a camera title. Live images from the camera corresponding to the clicked camera title will be
displayed on the “Live” page of the newly opened window.
Operating Instructions
1 Monitor images on a PC