Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

2   Monitor images on a cellular phone/mobile
2.1  Monitor images on a cellular phone
It is possible to connect to the camera using a cellular phone via the Internet and monitor images (JPEG only)
from the camera on the screen of the cellular phone. It is also possible to refresh images to display the latest
image or perform panning, tilting and zooming operations.
When the authentication window is displayed, enter the user name and password. The default user
name and password are as follows.
User name: admin
Password: 12345
To enhance the security, change the password for the user “admin”. (
If the cellular phone in use is not compatible with UTF-8 encode, it is impossible to display the screen
It is necessary to configure the network settings of the cellular phone in advance to connect to the
Internet and monitor images from the camera. (
Operating Instructions
2 Monitor images on a cellular phone/mobile terminal