Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

5   About the network security
5.1  Equipped security functions
The following security functions are featured in this camera.
Access restrictions by the host authentication and the user authentication
It is possible to restrict users from accessing the camera by setting the host authentication and/or the user
authentication to “On”. (
Access restrictions by changing the HTTP port
It is possible to prevent illegal access such as port scanning, etc. by changing the HTTP port number.
Access encryption by the HTTPS function
It is possible to enhance the network security by encrypting the access to cameras using the HTTPS
function. (
Design and enhance security countermeasures to prevent leakage of information such as image data,
authentication information (user name and password), alarm E-mail information, FTP server
information, DDNS server information, etc. Perform the countermeasure such as access restriction
(using the user authentication) or access encryption (using the HTTPS function).
After the camera is accessed by the administrator, make sure to close the browser for added security.
Change the administrator password periodically for added security.
When user authentication (authentication error) has failed to pass 8 times within 30 seconds using the
same IP address (PC), access to the camera will be denied for a while.
Operating Instructions
5 About the network security