Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

To display the preset ID on the “Live” page, select “On” for “Preset ID” and enter the desired position title
to be displayed.
Click the [Set] button.
The settings for each item such as “Back light compensation (BLC)” can be configured for each position
independently. The settings for “Back light compensation (BLC)” and “Mask area” are updated immediately.
When registering the preset position, the camera direction may move slightly.
Position No
[Preset ID]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether to enable or disable the preset ID display. This function can be applied
to each preset position.
On: Displays the preset ID.
Off: Does not display the preset ID.
Default: Off
When “Preset ID (0-9,A-Z)” or “Preset ID” is configured, it is necessary to click the [Set] button to apply
When “On” is selected, the entered preset ID will be displayed at the position selected for “OSD” on
the “Basic” page. (
[Preset ID (0-9,A-Z)]
Enter the preset ID to be displayed on images. This function can be applied to each preset position.
Available number of characters: 0 - 20 characters
Available characters: 0-9, A-Z and the following marks. ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + - , . / ; : = ?
Default: None (blank)
The entered preset ID will be displayed next to the preset position number on the pull-down menu.
When “On” is selected for “Preset ID”, the preset ID will be displayed on images.
[Back light compensation (BLC)]
The back light compensation function can compensate back light by setting mask areas on brighter parts of
images brighter.
On: Mask areas will be set automatically.
Off: Mask areas will not be set automatically. It is necessary to set them manually.
Default: Off
[Mask area]
When “Off” is selected for “Back light compensation (BLC)”, it is possible to compensate for back light by
masking brighter areas.
Refer to page 62 for descriptions of how to mask.
[Zoom] buttons, [Brightness] buttons, Control pad/buttons
Operating Instructions
9 Configure the settings relating to images and audio [Image/Audio] (BL-VT164W/BL-VT164)/ Configure the settings
relating to images [Image] (BL-VP104W/BL-VP104/BL-VP101)