Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

[E-mail notification]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to provide notification by E-mail according to the settings for
the “Alarm” and “Diag.” checkboxes of “Destination of notification” below.
When an alarm is detected (“Alarm”)
Default: Off
[Alarm image attachment]
Select “On” or “Off” to determine whether or not to attach an image to the E-mail to be sent when an alarm is
Default: Off
The settings for “Image capture size” of the “Alarm image” section on the [Alarm] tab (
be applied to the size of the image to be attached.
When privacy mode is active, black images will be attached.
Destination of notification
[Address 1] - [Address 4]
Enter the destination E-mail address. Up to 4 destination E-mail addresses can be registered.
[Alarm] checkbox: When the checkbox is selected, the E-mail notification will be performed upon an alarm
[Destination E-mail address]: Enter the destination E-mail address.
Available number of characters: 3 - 128 characters
Available characters: Alphanumeric characters, the at sign (@), the period (.), the underscore (_),
and the hyphen (-).
To delete the registered address, click the [Delete] button respective to the desired address.
[E-mail subject]
Enter the E-mail subject.
Available number of characters: 0 - 50 characters
[E-mail body]
Enter the E-mail body.
Available number of characters: 0 - 200 characters
11.8  Configure the settings relating to Panasonic
alarm protocol [Notification]
Click the [Notification] tab on the “Alarm” page. (
Operating Instructions
11 Configure the alarm settings [Alarm]