Panasonic BL-VP100 User Manual (en)

When the [Authentication] setting has been changed, close the web browser, and then access the
camera again.
[User name]
Enter a user name.
Available number of characters: 1 - 32 characters
Unavailable characters: " & : ; \
Default: None (blank)
[Password] [Retype password]
Enter a password.
Available number of characters: 4 - 32 characters
Unavailable characters: " &
Default: None (blank)
When the user name already in use is entered and the [Set] button is clicked, the respective user
information will be overwritten.
[Access level]
Select the access level of the user from the following.
1. Administrator: Allowed all available operations of the camera.
2. Camera control: Allowed to display images from the camera and to control the camera. The camera
setting configuration is unavailable.
3. Live only: Only displaying live images is available. The camera setting configuration and camera control
are unavailable.
Default: 3. Live only
[User check]
From the pull-down menu of “User check”, the registered user can be selected and the selected user’s
information can be checked.
The registered user will be displayed with the access level.
(Example: admin [1])
To delete the registered user, click the [Delete] button after selecting the user to be deleted.
13.2  Configure the settings relating to the host
authentication [Host auth.]
Click the [Host auth.] tab on the “User mng.” page. (
Operating Instructions
13 Configure the settings relating to the authentication [User mng.]