Panasonic WV-NW964 WV-NW964E Leaflet (en)

Optional Accessory
Wall Mount Bracket
This catalog is provided for all over the world. 
Some accessories may not be available in some countries.
Standard Accessories
• Operating Instructions .................. 1 pc.
• CD-ROM ....................................... 1 pc.
The IP setup software, the viewer software 
and the network operating instructions 
(PDF) are included on the CD-ROM.
The following items are for installation.
• 8P Alarm Cable ............................. 1 pc.
• Connector for 24 V AC (only for WV-NW964) .... 1 pc.
• Front/rear sun shield ..................... 1 set
• Front/rear sun shield mounting screws
............... 2 pcs. (*one screw is a spare)
• Waterproof cap............................ 3 pcs.
• RJ-45 junction connector .............. 1 pc.
Super Dynamic III
Weather Resistant Dome Network Camera
 (24 V AC)
 (220 ~ 240 V AC)
 (24 V AC)
Weather Resistant Dome Network Camera featuring 30x zoom and  
Super Dynamic III
Key Features
Super Dynamic
 III technology delivers 128x wider dynamic range 
compared to conventional cameras.
• High sensitivity with Day-Night function: 0.5 lux (Color) at F1.4 
(WIDE), 0.04 lux (B/W) at F1.4 (WIDE). IR cut filter switches on and 
off to ensure optimal picture quality in both color and B/W.
• Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction: 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR integration 
ensures reduced noise and motion blur in various conditions.
• Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 32x) / OFF
• 30x zoom lens: 3.8 mm ~ 114 mm (approx. 300x with digital zoom).
• Pan/Tilt speed of max. 400
°/s at preset mode and 0.065°/s super fine control at manual mode
• Auto tracking: The camera automatically pans and tilts to follow a 
moving subject and keep it in the center of the image.
• Built-in Video Motion Detector with 4 programmable detection areas and 6 sensitivity levels
• Scene Change Detection alarms when lens is covered, spray painted, removed or defocused.
• Various I/O terminals: ALARM IN 1 / BW IN, ALARM IN 2 / ALARM 
• Alarm sources include Terminal 1 ~ 3, VMD and Panasonic alarm 
command. Alarm actions include Preset positions 1 ~ 256, PATROL 1 ~ 4, 
SD memory recording, FTP image transfer, E-mail notification, Indication 
on browser, Terminal output, Panasonic protocol output and Auto track.
• Auto image stabilizer for applications where vibration or wind is a concern
• Camera title display: 16 alphanumerics OSD and 20 alphanumerics on the browser
• Digital Slip-ring Transmission: The high speed digital video signal supplied 
by the 
Super Dynamic
 III DSP travels through the compact slip-ring 
without any DA/AD conversion process preventing image quality loss. 
• Built-in MPEG-4/JPEG digital signal output at VGA image size with up to 30 ips
• MPEG-4 and JPEG dual stream output for simultaneous live 
monitoring and high resolution recording
• Progressive output with motion adaptive interlace/progressive conversion 
allows every image to be clear even when the object is moving.
• PTZ control can be made on the user-friendly GUI with 16 speeds 
pan/tilt and new “Drag and Zoom” operation enabling finer control. 
256 speeds available for system with WV-CU950 system controller.
• 360
° map shot: 8 thumbnail images at 45° intervals make it simple to 
direct the camera by clicking on a thumbnail.
• Multiscreen: Image from 16 cameras can be displayed in 4 different 
Quad screens or 16-screen (JPEG only).
• FTP client function enables periodic image data transfer or transfer upon alarm.
• Alarm notification via e-mail
• Full duplex 2-way audio allows interactive communication between 
camera site and monitoring site.
• Alarm log, Manual REC log, FTP error log saved in the SD memory card 
is displayed on the browser GUI and can be downloaded to the client PC. 
Playback or Image data download through the log is also available. 
• Multi-language GUI and setup menu: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, 
Russian (PAL), English, French (NTSC), (Installation required except for English).
• SD memory card slot for Manual recording, Alarm recording and Backup upon network failure
• Scheduling function for Alarm / VMD / Access permission, Preset 
position call and Position refresh
• IP66 rated water and dust resistant. IEC60529 measuring standard compatible.
• Built-in fan/heater/sun shield for temperature changes of –40 
°C ~ +50 °C (–40 °F ~ +122 °F).