Kodak I7300 User Manual (en)

A Reference Archive provides trustworthy copies of
records to validate transactions, satisfy litigation, or meet
regulatory and audit requirements. These documents are
maintained in an analog format on ISO-standard micro-
graphic media via digital-to-film writing technology such
as the KODAK i9600 Series Writers or paper micro-
Today, microfilm continues to be a low-cost, low-risk
method of managing documents and information, and
is the media of choice for secure, “Reference Archive”
storage. With the KODAK i7300 Scanner you can
bridge microfilm’s proven stability with the efficiency of
digital technology. Now, you can have the best of both
N O   O T H E R   M I C R O F I L M   S C A N N E R
G I V E S   YO U   T H I S   L E V E L   O F   P E R F O R -
M A N C E .
The KODAK i7300 Scanner virtually eliminates
the inefficient aspects of traditional microfilm
retrieval – including slow, tedious viewing or limited
K O DA K   S E R V I C E   &   S U P P O RT ’ S   C O M M I T M E N T   T O   S E R V I C E
E X C E L L E N C E .
Today’s competitive business environment demands maximum productivity and effi-
ciency. KODAK Service & Support provides the protection of a global team of more
than 4,000 employees dedicated to the quality services needed to keep our equipment
and business running at peak performance. From maintenance services to a full comple-
ment of professional services, Kodak can design a plan that is right for you.
Bring your 
i7300 Scanner
i7300 Scanner Application Software • Image Server Software •
POWERFILM Application Software for the i7300 Scanner
output and delivery options. It can reduce ongoing
costs associated with older printers and readers 
– from maintenance to high-priced consumables.
With the i7300 Scanner, your images are retrieved
fast, displayed digitally for identification, then
printed, faxed, and/or sent as e-mail. You’ll have
exceptionally high-quality images that are
deskewed, cropped, merged (duplexed), and dis-
played in seconds. The i7300 Scanner does it all
with twice the scanning speed and even more work-
saving functionality than its predecessor, the
Microimage Scanner.
Compact, space-saving design: The i7300 Scanner fits
easily on your desktop for convenient use with minimal
space requirements.
Paper-saving technology: Direct film-to-digital conver-
sion saves paper, time and steps.
Advanced transport: The scanner’s new design elimi-
nates glass guides and minimizes the possibility of film
Accurate retrieval: Your choice of software includes the
tools you need to find the images you want fast – even
from unmarked film.
Easy-to-use interface: All tools and procedures are
accessible via icons, toolbars, and pull-down menus.
Technology evolution: The i7300 Scanner reduces costs
associated with traditional microfilm reader/printers,
equipment and space requirements. Once again, micro-
film demonstrates that as technology evolves it can be
fully integrated to take advantage of cost savings and
productivity-enhancing functionality.
Improved imaging: Powerful algorithms deliver consis-
tently high-quality images. This enables your operators
to reduce waste, be more productive, and improve
customer satisfaction.
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, 2003.. Kodak, Digital Science and Imagelink are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company
. PowerFilm is a trademark of InfoCAP
Technologies, used under license by  Eastman Kodak Company
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i7300 SCANNER:
i7300 Scanner
Scanning resolution
200 to 300 dpi
Electrical requirements
100-120 or 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1200W, 6 amps max 
Heat dissipation
<750 Btu/hr
PC minimum
Processor: PENTIUM III, PENTIUM 4, 2.0 GHz, with PCI
Bus Master Slot for full, 512 MB SRAM, height, 3/4 length 
scanner interface card included
Operating System: MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 (excluding 
POWERFILM for the i7300), WINDOWS NT Workstation
v 4.0/SP3 or higher, WINDOWS 2000 Professional, 
XP Professional
Monitor: 17” recommended; 16 MB graphics card
Connectivity: Ethernet or token ring card as required; 
serial port for scanner
28.5 cm
38.1 cm
55.9 cm
29.5 kg
KODAK i7300 Scanner Application Software
This interface goes beyond other 16mm film scanning
products, delivering speed and efficiency with features made
for today’s technology. It offers complete connectivity with
CAR (Computer Assisted Retrieval) systems, integration with
both local and wide area networks, and consistently fast and
accurate digital image retrieval.
KODAK Image Server Software
By  letting you create your own retrieval network for
centralized printing and network distribution, Image Server
Software can maximize your productivity while minimizing
costs. With it, you can serve as many as four MICROSOFT
WINDOWS-supported printers (scalable to eight). It helps
you manage input, printing and network distribution from
KODAK i7300 Scanners, IMAGELINK Digital 
Workstations (IDW) and Intelligent Microimage Scanners
POWERFILM Application Software
A smart choice when an i7300 Scanner is used for 
applications that require high productivity batch scanning of
images from microfilm. In addition to batch scanning, 
POWERFILM Application Software is also designed for
batch indexing, document reconstruction, roll 
conversion, and database creation using POWERFILM’s
CD Publish/Retrieve software.
Choose software that meets your needs.
This is just the beginning! All the software choices above (purchased separately) offer you an extensive
range of tools and flexibility.
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