Kodak I200 Leaflet (en)

Kodak Imaging Guide Set for i100 and i200 Series Scanners
This document provides instructions for installing the Kodak Imaging Guide Set for i100 and i200 Series Scanners.
• It is recommended that you thoroughly clean the scanner 
before replacing the imaging guides. For complete 
cleaning procedures, see the appropriate User’s Guide 
for your Kodak Scanner.
• Use only non-flammable cleaners such as those 
provided through Kodak Park Services. Do not use 
household cleaners.
• Staticide Wipes contain isopropanol which can cause eye 
irritation and dry skin. Wash your hands with soap and 
water after performing maintenance procedures. Refer to 
the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more 
information. The MSDS is available on the Kodak web 
site at www.kodak.com/go/MSDS
Instructions for Kodak i100 Series Scanners 
1. Power down the scanner.
2. Access the inside of the scanner by opening the 
scanner cover.
Replacing the Upper Imaging Guide
1. Open the door on the right side of the scanner to gain 
access to the upper imaging guide.
2. Locate the upper imaging guide.
3. Using a Phillips Head screwdriver, loosen the screw 
from the upper imaging guide bracket (slide the bracket 
4. Pull gently on the end of the imaging guide and slowly 
remove it from the scanner.
5. Discard the used imaging guide.
6. Remove any dust or debris from the guide track. Do not 
allow debris to fall into the scanner.
7. Wipe both sides of the new upper imaging guide with a 
fresh Staticide Wipe.
8. Dry both sides of the new upper imaging guide with a 
dry Staticide Wipe.
9. Align the new upper imaging guide in the guide track 
and slowly push it in.
10. Realign the upper imaging guide bracket and tighten the 
11. Reinstall the side door.
Replacing the Lower Imaging Guide
1. Locate the lower imaging guide.
2. Using a Phillips Head screwdriver, loosen the screw 
from the lower imaging guide and slide the imaging 
guide out of the bracket and remove it from the scanner.
3. Discard the used imaging guide.
4. Remove any dust or debris from the guide track. Do not 
allow debris to fall into the scanner.
5. Wipe both sides of the new lower imaging guide with a 
fresh Staticide Wipe.
6. Dry both sides of the new lower imaging guide with a 
dry Staticide Wipe.
7. Align the new lower imaging guide in the guide track 
and slowly push it in.
8. Reinstall and tighten the screw.
9. Close the scanner door.
Side door