Toshiba Gigaframe Q80 (EU) - 8 PA3650E-1ES1 Leaflet (en)

GiGaframe q80 & q81 diGital
 photo frame with touch sensors
 All your favorite photos and videos in one 8" frame
Toshiba’s GIGAFRAME digital photo frame saves you having to decide which of your 
favourite photos you want to have framed on the table. Because it frames them all 
at the same time. Your vivid memories come alive fresh each day. Relive your best 
times, set to your own music, again and again. Whenever you feel like it.
Brilliant imaGe and video reproduction
 800 x 600 pixels on the flat 8" TFT LCD guarantee unspoiled, high-resolution 
  viewing pleasure.
portaBle photo alBum
 Show your photos everywhere hassle free without connection to a power  
  outlet – enjoy full mobility with the GIGAFRAME Q81. Thanks to the integrated  
  battery it can be used as a digital photo album which you can carry and use  
personalised BackGround music and calendar feature
 As your favorite pictures pass by the integrated speaker can enhance the slide 
  show with music of your choice. It is also possible to display the calendar and 
  time, underlaid with the photos of your choice. 
illuminated touch sensors
 Control is made easy by the eight touch sensors beneath the image area. You  
  will always find what you need, even when it’s dark, since the control fields light  
  up in an attractive blue colour when touched.
larGe memorY
 The GIGAFRAME is available with 128 MB  
  integrated storage space. With the support  
  of external storage media SD, SDHC,  
  MMC, MS and xD, there is no limit to  
  the  media files you can have.
PA3650M-1ES1  Gigaframe Q80 – 8" DPF 
PA3650M-1ES2  Gigaframe Q81 – 8" DPF with battery