Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

3. Using Non-Canon Flash Units
Sync Speed
The EOS-3 can synchronize with compact, non-Canon flash units at
1/200 sec. or slower shutter speeds. With large studio flash, the sync
speed is 1/125 sec. or slower. Be sure to test the flash to see if it
synchronizes properly with the camera.
PC Terminal
The camera’s PC terminal is provided for flash units using a sync cord.
The PC terminal is threaded to prevent inadvertent disconnection. Only X-
sync is used for synchronization at 1/200 sec. or slower.
A flash unit attached to the camera’s hot shoe and a flash unit connected to the PC
terminal can be used at the same time.
• Canon EOS-dedicated Speedlites are recommended for use with this camera.
• If the camera is used with a flash unit or flash accessory dedicated to another
camera brand, the camera may not operate properly and camera malfunction may
• There are studio flash units whose
sync cord polarity is opposite from
the camera’s PC terminal. Such
flash units do not work with the
camera. Consult the manufacturer of
the flash unit or purchase a
commercially-available polarity
conversion cord. The camera’s PC
terminal polarity is shown in the
figure on the right.
} C i X
+ (plus)
– (minus)
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