Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

6. Major Accessories
● Camera Case EH-11L and EH-11LL
Dedicated case which can accommodate the
camera attached with a lens.
● Power Drive Booster PB-E2
Together with the Ni-MH Pack NP-E2, Power
Drive Booster PB-E2 enables a top continuous
shooting speed of about 7 frames per second.
The vertical grip has its own shutter button,
Main Dial, AE lock button, FE lock button, and
focusing point selector. It makes vertical shots
as easy as horizontal shots. With Battery
Magazine BM-E2, this Booster becomes
compatible with the EOS-1N and EOS-1.
● Power Drive Booster E1
Although this was developed for the EOS-1N
and EOS-1, it can also be used with the EOS-
3. The maximum continuous shooting speed is
about 6 frames per second. It has a vertical-
grip shutter button and AE lock button.
● Battery Pack BP-E1
The grip portion houses a 2CR5 lithium battery
while the battery magazine holds four widely-
available size-AA alkaline batteries. You can
switch between these two power sources to
suit the shooting condition. The continuous
shooting speed is the same as a plain EOS-3.
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