Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Major Accessories
● Ni-MH Pack NP-E2
Powerful battery pack dedicated to Power
Drive Booster PB-E2. The rated voltage is 12
V. It can be recharged over 500 times. When
fully charged, it has enough power for 70 rolls
of 36-exposure film at 20˚C.
* Power Drive Booster PB-E2 installed with
this Pack cannot be used with the EOS-1N
and EOS-1.
● Ni-MH Charger NC-E2
This dedicated charger quickly recharges the
Ni-MH Pack NP-E2, taking about 100 minutes
for one Pack. It also prevent excess
recharging. Two Packs can be attached at one
time. The discharge feature (taking about 8.5
hours) cancels the NP-E2 memory effect. It
runs on 100 - 240 VAC.
● Battery Magazine BM-E2
Dedicated to and provided with Power Drive
Booster PB-E2. It holds eight size-AA alkaline,
Ni-Cd, or lithium batteries.
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