Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Major Accessories
● EX-series Speedlites
These EOS-dedicated Speedlites are available
as large-output, autozoom models or compact
flash units. All EX-series Speedlites feature E-
TTL autoflash, high-speed sync (FP flash), and
FE lock.
● Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2
This is the controller for a wireless, multi-flash
E-TTL autoflash system. It can control up to
two Speedlite 550EX groups set as slaves. The
wireless transmitter range is about 12 to 15
meters indoors and 8 to 10 meters outdoors.
● Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2
This cord enables the 550EX to be connected
off-camera up to 60 cm away. All of the
Speedlite’s controls and features can be used
as usual. The Cord can be used with all EX-
series, EZ-series, and E-series Canon
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