Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Major Accessories
● Extension Cord ET-1000N3
Ten-meter extension cord for connecting the
Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 or Remote
Switch RS-80N3 to the EOS-3. For remote
picture-taking situations.
● Wireless Controller LC-4
Wireless controller effective up to 100 meters.
It comes with a transmitter and receiver. The
receiver’s camera connection plug connects to
the EOS-3’s three-pin remote control socket
with quick-lock feature. It has the same
wireless controller features as the LC-3.
● Remote Switch Adapter RA-N3
This plug adapter enables old Remote
Switches (60T3, etc.) having a threaded, 3-pin
plug to be connected to the EOS-3’s new
remote control socket.
• The EOS-3’s three-pin remote control socket is new with a quick-lock feature. It is
compatible with the new Remote Switch RS-80N3, Timer Remote Controller TC-
80N3, and Wireless Controller LC-4 receiver. When a plug is connected, it locks
• The EOS-3’s three-pin remote control socket is not directly compatible with old-
model accessories such as Remote Switch 60T3. Remote Switch Adapter RA-N3
will be required to connect such accessories.
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