Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Major Specifications
■ Type
35mm AF/AE single-lens reflex with focal-plane shutter and
built-in motor drive.
Picture size:
24 mm 
× 36 mm
Compatible lenses:
Canon EF lenses
Lens mount:
Canon EF mount
■ Viewfinder
Eye-level pentaprism
Picture coverage:
97 percent vertically and horizontally
0.72x (–1 diopter with 50mm lens at infinity)
Standard diopter:
–1 diopter. (19.5mm eye relief)
Focusing screen:
Interchangeable (9 types), Standard focusing screen: Ec-N.
Quick-return half mirror (Transmission:reflection ratio of
37:63). No vignetting with EF 1200mm f/5.6 lens or a shorter
Viewfinder information:
(1) On  the screen: Area AF ellipse, center spot metering
(2) Below the screen: Shutter speed, aperture, 
(blinks at
2 Hz during AE lock and AEB), 
(lights when Eye
Control is enabled or blinks when Eye Control fails), 
(lights during flash-ready and blinks during unsuitable FE
(lights during high sync speed), 
compensation and flash exposure compensation), 
● (in-
focus indicator (Light when focus is achieved and blinks
at 8 Hz if AF fails)
(3) Right of screen: Exposure level scale (±3 stops in ±1/3-
stop increments), exposure level indicator (1 AE mode
and exposure compensation amount, 2 AE lock and
real-time metering indicator, 3 Manual exposure level, 4
AEB amount, 5 Background exposure with flash), flash
exposure level (1 Flash exposure compensation amount,
1 Reverse highlight with FE lock, 1 FEB amount), Multi-
spot metering, frame counter.
Depth-of-field Preview:
Enabled with depth-of-field preview button
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