Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

1. Basic Operation
Main Switch
The camera operates only after the <
> switch is turned on. This main
switch has three settings:
>: Lock position. The camera does
not operate. Set to this position
when not using the camera.
>: To turn on the camera, set to
this position. The “A” stands for
>: This is the same as <
except that it also enables the
beeper to sound in the following
• Focus is achieved in One-Shot AF
• Focus is achieved with manual focus.
• During Eye-Control calibration.
(Short beeps for successful
registration and intermittent beeping
for failed registration.)
Shutter Button
You can press the shutter button halfway or all the way.
Hold the camera steadily and press the shutter button slowly without any
jerking movement. The difference between halfway and complete
pressing of the shutter button is explained below. Beginners should
practice pressing the shutter button halfway and completely before
loading any film.
When the camera is not to be used, set the Command Dial to <
>. This will prevent
accidental battery drainage if the shutter button is held down inadvertently.
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