Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Setting the Film Speed
With DX-coded film, the camera sets
the film speed automatically within a
range from ISO 25 to 5000.
To check the loaded film’s ISO film
speed, press the <
> button and
>  button simultaneously. The
ISO icon and film speed will be
displayed on the LCD panel.
If the film is not DX-coded, the LCD
panel will display the following:
(1) The ISO icon and previous film speed will
be blinking. Set the film speed by
following “Setting the Film Speed
Manually” on page 81.
(2) If Custom Function CF-8 has been set to
count down the remaining frames on the
frame counter, 
◆ will be displayed and
” will blink on the frame counter. The
frame counter counts down each time a
picture is taken (the number keeps
Loading Film
Custom Function CF-8 can set the frame counter to count down the remaining
number of exposures. If this function is set, 
◆ will be displayed on the upper left of
the frame counter on the LCD panel. See page 112.
When using the camera in high temperatures, do not remove the film packaging until
you are ready to load the film.
To set a film speed different from the film’s ISO speed, see “Setting the Film Speed
Manually” on page 81.
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