Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

5. Unloading Film
After the film’s last frame is exposed, the camera rewinds the film
When the film starts to rewind, the
film advance and rewind indicator
(exposure compensation scale) on
the LCD panel will “flow” from right
to left to indicate that the film is
rewinding. The frame counter also
counts in reverse.
The film rewind ends automatically.
Check that the <
> icon on the
LCD panel is blinking, then remove
the film cartridge.
Midroll Rewind (
To rewind the film in midroll, press the
>  button. The film will start
rewinding immediately.
During film rewind, pressing the <
> button switches between high-speed and
low-speed (quiet) rewind.
Custom Function CF-1 can alter the rewind speed and method.  See page 106.
Normally, the entire film leader is rewound inside the film cartridge. Custom
Function CF-2 can leave out the film leader after film rewind. See page 108.
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